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Granite Products To Commemorate Loved Ones

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Granite markers provide timeless beauty that can be used to commemorate loved ones. The funeral home that you seek services through may feature a variety of granite products that you can select from. Use the guidelines below to help you select markers and headstones. 

Family Markers And Headstones

If you have purchased a family plot where all of your family members will eventually be buried, you may want to invest in granite products that will each mark the final resting spot of a loved one. Granite markers can each bear the same dimensions. This will provide the plot with uniformity.

If you will be purchasing a single marker for one person or would like to use a larger stone product to mark the final resting spot of several family members, the funeral director can show you some examples of marker and headstone products that possess custom features.

Granite markers differ from headstones. Markers are designed to lay flat. Headstones are designed to sit upright. Since headstones are typically larger in size than markers, they will be heavier in weight. This will reflect upon the cost of headstone products.

Etchings And Granite Colors

Laser engravings are used to customize granite products. Plaques can also be affixed to a granite marker or headstone. There are many letter and number styles that can be used to create engravings,

Granite is a diverse stone type that ranges in color. Black, brown, pink, and green are some granite colors that are used to manufacture markers and headstones.

Personal Details

Your consultation with a funeral director will give them an idea of the type of granite products that you are seeking. There are many ways to personalize stone products. A special poem, a photograph, or a custom statement can be added to a stone. This will make the product truly representative of a loved one.

Your Order

When you order granite products, you will be provided with a proof of what each marker or headstone will look like. The funeral director who assists you will confirm the details that will be added to your order.


Due to the weight of granite products, markers and headstones are transported by a freight truck. The funeral director will provide you with delivery options. You can have the granite products delivered to the cemetery where your loved ones are currently buried or going to be buried. You can also have the granite products delivered to the funeral home that you are seeking services through.

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