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Funeral Services To Help Celebrate Life

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When many people think of a funeral, they think of something solemn and sober. They may think of tears or of sorrow for the loss of a loved one. You may have these same thoughts when you think of funeral services. What you may not know is there are funeral service options that focus on the celebration of your loved one's life rather than the sorrow of the loss. Here are some of those services and what you should know about each option. 

Homegoing Service 

Homegoing services are one of the most common celebrations of life services. Homegoing focuses on the loved one's life and the passing on to Heaven. It is primarily a celebration service that is for Christian faith followers. However, there are other faith practices that can use the homegoing service celebration. Most of the homegoing service occurs as part of a graveside service. There may be gospel music as well as a live band and precession of the casket to the final resting place. Some of the homegoing services also incorporate a dove release as part of the celebration. 

Balloon Release

Balloon releases are a popular way to honor younger members of a family. For example, younger children who have passed on due to illness are honored with a celebration of life. The celebration generally has a pastor or other member of the family church speak on the family's behalf. The family may also speak about the loved one. Following the speeches from the family and friends, there is a balloon release. The color of the balloons usually ties into either a favorite color of the young person or the illness they may have had. The balloon release is usually done at a park or other open area. 

Send-Off Service

Send-off services are a more modern version of the celebration of life. This type of service has many variations, but the key is that it is a going away party. You may find that many of the send-off options actually don't deal with a funeral home at all. They are memorial services that are held at restaurants or bars and pubs. There is drinking, food, stories being shared of the loved one, and images of the loved one shared. 

If any of these options sound like something that would be ideal for your loved one's funeral service, contact your local funeral director. They will help you with the arrangements for the celebration of life service you choose. When the time comes to move forward with the final arrangements, they will help you through those steps as well. If you have any questions regarding the funeral planning process, your funeral director can help. 

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