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A Viewing Or Direct Cremation—Which Is Best?

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If you choose a cremation following the death of a loved one, you may think you have no other decisions to make. Unfortunately, this is not true. You must also decide if the remains of your loved one will be cremated directly or carried to the funeral home for a family viewing. Both choices provide potential benefits for you and your family, but which is best? Here are a few considerations to help you make that decision.

What Are The Benefits Of Direct Cremation?

The cost of direct cremation is often one of the first benefits mentioned by most funeral homes. Direct cremation is usually the least expensive route you can go. You do not incur many expenses that can raise the cost of a traditional funeral.

Direct cremation is also expedient. The entire process usually only takes a couple of days. This timing can vary based on how busy the crematory is.

The expediency means less of a time commitment from you and your family. This practicality can be critical, especially if your family lives far away and are not available at the time of death. You can always get together later for a celebration of life or memorial service. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Viewing Before Cremation?

Death is a difficult journey that many families have difficulty taking. Viewing is often necessary for some family members to come to terms with what has happened. Although often difficult, a viewing often forces family members out of denial. They must acknowledge that their loved one is dead by seeing the deceased body. 

A viewing also allows you to celebrate your loved one with the honoree present. While you know that the deceased is unaware of what is happening, their presence often comforts your grieving family. A viewing allows other family and friends to support you during your grief. You will need this love and support in the days to come. 

A service is where everyone can come together and begin healing from the loss. Many families are surprised at the number of people who come to pay their respects.  A viewing often serves as the opportunity to say your final goodbyes. It is a great place to express your love, clear your chest, or speak to the person one last time. 

Only you and your family can decide which option is best for you. Once you make your decision, the funeral home will gladly assist you.