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How To Personalize A Flat Grave Marker

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If you have burial plans for yourself or a loved one in a cemetery that requires flat grave markers or if you'd like to choose an affordable grave marker, you may wonder how to create a personalized experience.

You can create a flat grave marker that is still unique and a testament of love to the person buried below. Here's how.

Stone Materials & Elements

Some cemeteries require that the marker be made of a certain material, but you may find that you can use a stone that is not as common. You might want to use something besides granite, or at least incorporate other elements, like metal.


If you don't want a traditional rectangular grave marker and the cemetery allows for it, use a different shape to set a grave apart. For example, a grandfather who loved to surf when he was younger may have a grave marker in the shape of an ocean wave.

Etching Designs

If a unique shape is out of the question, consider the type of etching added to the stone. If your loved one hiked a particular mountain that was a point of pride in his or her life, you might have the mountain etched onto the marker, for instance.

These etchings don't have to be related to hobbies or achievements. They also often incorporate animals, religious elements, or a nod to an occupation.

Family Photos

Some people choose to incorporate family photos into the flat marker, either in color or black and white. This is a way to make the marker more personal and ensure that future generations will know what the person buried below looked like.

Brief Quote or Reading

This quote or reading could be something your loved one frequently mentioned or said, or it could be a religious text. You might even consider a passage, poem, or song that your loved one wrote.


If you want to keep the grave marker simple but still personal, simply add a nickname to the marker. This could be a childhood nickname, a term of endearment, or anything else that would remind people of the person buried below.

A Flat Grave Marker Doesn't Have To Be Boring

While a flat grave marker may be less expensive than a more traditional upright headstone, that doesn't mean it can't be unique. Use some of these ideas to make sure that your loved one's grave is a reflection of their life and personality. 

For more information about flat grave markers, contact a local funeral home.