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4 Funeral Home Services To Choose In Advance

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Many people don't think of funerals until someone in their life passes away. However, there are many advantages to familiarizing yourself with the services of a funeral home. Planning your funeral in advance can take a weight off your family's mind when the time comes for your cremation or burial. A funeral home director can help you choose the funeral services that are right for your beliefs, desires, and financial situation. Here are four funeral home services that you may be interested in:

1. Cremation

Many funeral homes offer cremation services. People choose cremation for a number of reasons, including cost, personal preference, and religious convictions. Bodies that are cremated are placed in a high-temperature kiln that converts remains into sterile ashes. These ashes can then be retained for their sentimental value, buried, interred, or scattered somewhere meaningful. Cremation is compatible with viewing ceremonies and memorial services. If you'd like to be cremated, you can specify your desire in a living will or choose cremation when purchasing an advance funeral package from a funeral home.

2. Embalming

Embalming is a method used to preserve human remains for funerals. During the embalming process, the body's natural fluids are removed and replaced with embalming fluid. Cosmetics are then used to give the body a lifelike appearance for viewing. If you desire a viewing ceremony at your funeral, you'll need to choose a funeral package that includes embalming services.

3. Viewing Ceremony

Viewing ceremonies are optional, but some families prefer them for the closure they can bring. If you choose to hold a viewing ceremony during your funeral service, you will need to be embalmed in advance. You can choose the clothes and accessories you would like to be displayed in. This is a good opportunity to select items that are personally meaningful to you. You can also choose to have small mementos displayed in your casket and buried with you if desired.

4. Graveside Funeral Service

You don't need to hold your memorial service in the funeral home itself. While funeral homes do offer chapels for clients who would like to take advantage of their facilities, funerals can also be held in alternative locations. People with family cemetery plots may choose a graveside funeral service. If you choose this option, your remains will be taken to the gravesite in a hearse. Your chosen faith leader or a funeral home chaplain can then perform your funeral service before your remains are laid to rest in your cemetery plot.

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