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Are You Struggling With The Loss Of An Infant? 3 Benefits Of Planning A Graveside Funeral For Helping You Cope

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Planning your child's funeral is painful, and you might have never thought that you'd be placed in this situation. Losing a child in infancy is one of the toughest things that you'll ever have to face, and you may now be also trying to make important decisions during a time when you'd rather just give up. Your baby's time in this world might have been brief, but each second of their life deserves to be held in your memory. As you begin working on the process of moving forward, please keep these benefits of planning a graveside funeral in mind.

Honor Your Baby's Memory

The deep grief that occurs with infant loss can leave you feeling powerless. You might also have all of these parental instincts kicking in that make you feel like you need to do something. A funeral is a ceremony that helps grieving family members honor the life that a person lived no longer how old or young they were when they passed away. Choosing to plan a ceremony gives you the opportunity to honor your infant's imprint that they left in the world. For many grieving parents, gathering at the graveside helps to bring a sense of peace that makes it easier to remember their infant as time goes by.

Limit Guests to Close Family and Friends

Right now, a larger funeral might not be what you want to deal with. Trying to put on a brave face in front of people you barely know isn't fair to you. A graveside funeral can be done as a standalone event. This empowers you to invite only the people that you know need to be there and that you are certain will provide you with comfort. Whether you want to include just the grandparents and other immediate family members or are interested in inviting a few close friends, you can keep the ceremony private and meaningful without having to worry about strangers being present.

Create a Personalized Ceremony

Up until this painful moment, you've likely had many plans for your baby's arrival. You also have a personal background that may include religious or cultural sentiments that are important to you. Funeral home services include planning personalized ceremonies that allow you to provide your input. You can choose to play a favorite lullaby that you've always wanted to sing to your baby, or you can ask the funeral officiant to read a select passage of scripture. Being able to add your personal touches to the ceremony makes it more meaningful and helps you find acceptance during this challenging time.