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Headstones For Veterans: Honoring A Decorated Loved One

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If you have a loved one who sacrificed for his or her country, honoring their service and their life when they pass is sacred duty. Showing respect for their service while creating a headstone that fulfills their wishes can be a delicate balance.

Here are some headstone ideas for to help you honor your veteran:


Each military branch has its own insignia. These insignias symbolize the branch's values, purpose, and identity. If you want the insignia of the military branch that your loved one served for, it's important to choose an insignia that's true to their service.

  • Design: Insignia designs have evolved. The insignia design that coincided with your loved one's time is authentic to their military experience. Each branch of the military has a database that helps you search the various iterations of the insignia design throughout history. You should always double-check when your loved one served to make sure that you choose the right insignia design.

Military Graveyards

Each branch of the military has an archetypal headstone shape. Although these headstone shapes are often plain, they are required for burial in a military-only graveyard. If you're burying your love one in a military cemetery, it's always a good idea to check with the caretakers to ensure that you choose an appropriate headstone shape, size, and color.

2-D or 3-D?

You can have a headstone customized to suit virtually every taste or design idea. However, all headstones start with a basic choice: 2-D or 3-D?

  • 2-D: Two-dimensional headstones have two flat sides. Most 2-D designs place the inscription on the headstone panel facing a visitor to the grave sight. However, both sides of the headstones can be used. If you choose a 2-D design, your lettering and imaging will be the primary decoration on the headstone. When choosing a 2-D headstone, have your funeral service provider give a number of font options. Seeing what these fonts look like before you commit to the design idea is crucial.
  • 3-D: Three-dimensional headstones can be rendered into virtually any shape imaginable. However, one of the drawbacks of a 3-D design is the limit of space for the lettering or pictures. When choosing a 3-D headstone, make sure that you see what the font with look like in relation to the scale of the headstone and its surroundings.

Many veterans request having their years of service, military rank, and regiment on their headstone, as well.