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Ashes To Ashes? Thoughtful Reasons To Consider Cremation Instead Of Burial

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Part of comprehensive life planning should always include a plan of action for taking care of your final needs. As with any discussion relating to death, it is natural to feel somewhat uncomfortable and unsure of yourself when making this type of decision. But the fact remains that making your final arrangements is important for you to do and something that will be appreciated by the loved ones you leave behind.

Perhaps the most difficult part of this decision is making a choice between internment of your body or cremation. If you are currently wrestling with this decision, these thoughtful reasons in favor of cremation can offer a fresh perspective and help make your decision easier. 

Cremation does not require a burden of ongoing care

Tending to your grave after you die is something that must be done. If you purchase a plot within a large cemetery, it is likely that landscaping and maintenance costs are covered by a perpetual care trust or through taxes. If the cemetery is small or family-owned, someone in each future generation will need to maintain it. Those who do not wish to place this type of burden on their descendants may find cremation a better option.

Cremation is often the more frugal choice

If the decision is purely a financial one, cremation can offer substantial savings on a traditional service; this is because there will be no need for a casket, vault, embalming services, burial plot, interment fees, and headstone. 

Cremation can solve the distance issue

Visiting the cemetery on special days is a common ritual for those who have lost a loved one, but doing so is very difficult when a loved one is buried in a distant city, state, or country. If your children or other loved ones have settled far away from where you live, opting for cremation can solve the distance issue for those you leave behind. In fact, it is possible for your loved ones to maintain your remains in a vase or urn, for burial or distribution at a later time, should they desire. 

Before attempting to make a final decision, it can be very helpful for you to discuss both cremation and burial options with a trusted funeral home like Naples Funeral Home Inc in your area. These experts have a deep understanding of the grief and emotions that surround every death and will be able to help you make a decision that will be right for both you and the loved ones you leave behind.