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Are You Planning The Funeral Of A Loved One?

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Has somebody you loved dearly passed away recently? If so, you might be the person who is in charge of planning funeral services. From gathering information to buying a special headstone, here are some ideas that might help you to plan the funeral service.

The Spoken Word - Have you ever felt that, as you left somebody else's funeral, you've learned more about that person than you did before his or her death? If so, whoever spoke probably went the extra mile to gather information about that person to add interest to the spoken word and to make those who attended the service have a greater appreciation for that person. That's probably what you are wanting to do, too. If you are the speaker, think of going to individuals who were especially close to the person who has died. His or her wife and children are more than likely one of your best sources, but so are close friends and other associates. Adding tasteful humorous anecdotes will bring a sweet feeling to the service.

The Music - Go with music that the deceased person loved. For example, if he or she was a religious individual, you might consider choosing hymns that were his or her favorites. If you don't know what those were, consider traditional hymns like Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Art, both of which have moving and comforting words in them. Another idea is to have patriotic music or music that represents the deceased's background. For example, if he or she had a Scottish background, finding somebody who will play the bagpipes would be great. Even show tunes are a good choice. Consider The Impossible Dream or Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Instrumental music, like a piano and violin duet would be very appropriate, too.

The Headstone - When you think about visiting somebody's place of rest after he or she has passed away, don't you picture standing in front of a memorial? A headstone is one way to memorialize somebody's life. Consider purchasing a granite or a marble headstone with the deceased picture as part of the design of the stone. Besides the deceased's birth date and the date that he or she died, think about adding meaningful words. For example, the simple words, Beloved, Faithful, Never Forgotten might be a good way to describe the person who has died. Or, you could select something that the deceased person used to say often, say, See You In The Funny Papers. After all, the words don't have to be serious.

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