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Three Reasons To Choose Cremation

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Many people choose to be cremated because it is a less expensive option than a traditional embalming and burial. Cremation can ensure the family is left with some inheritance rather than being financially burdened by the funeral costs, and it may also make it easier for you to pre-pay for your own funeral costs while you're still alive. But affordability is not the only benefit that cremation has to offer. Here's a look at three other reasons to choose cremation for your own body once you pass.

Cremation is better for the planet.

Traditional embalming fluids contain all sorts of pollutants. The best-known of these is formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. Burying body after body that has been injected with these fluids in the earth is certainly not great for the soil quality. It may harm plants and even reduce the quality of streams and other bodies of water near the cemetery. With cremation, your body is reduced to ashes, which are mostly carbon and really no more harmful to the planet than the leftovers of a camp fire. If you're an eco-conscious person, choosing cremation is a good way to do one last good deed for the earth.

Cremation will resolve arguments as to where you should be buried.

If you are "from" several places or have family members in various areas, there may be some dispute as to where your body should be buried. Some family members may believe it should rest in Town A, while others want it in Town B! Cremation resolves this argument. You can easily have the ashes divided so that each family member can use them to honor you as you please. You can have some scattered in places that were meaningful to you and others put where your family members believe they should go.

Cremation makes your remains portable.

If your family members ever move away from the area where they live, they would have to leave your body behind at the cemetery. But if you are cremated, they can take your remains with them and always have them to remember you by. This makes cremation a great choice for anyone with very mobile, traveling family members.

If you are beginning to make end-of-life plans, get in touch with a funeral home like Romero Family Funeral Home Corp. that offers cremation. They can answer any questions you have about the process and help you decide if this is the right way to handle your body once you've passed.