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4 Steps To Organize Your Funeral Service

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While it can be disheartening to plan your own funeral, it's important that you take certain steps to make arrangements. This way, your wishes are met by your friends and family and it takes some of the burden off your family, so that they can focus more on grieving than handling arrangements themselves. Here are four steps to help you organize your funeral service:

  1. Keep the Will Updated: First off, you want to be sure that you are keeping your will updated. You also want to be sure that it is easily accessible by your family. This means submitting the will to your estate lawyer. Your estate lawyer can also be the one handling any changes you need to make over time. The benefit of getting an estate lawyer involved is that it can help your family better understand your wishes, especially when it comes to how finances are handled. 
  2. Plan the Funeral Arrangements: Next, you want to discuss funeral arrangements by basically laying it out based on cost. This way, you leave enough money set aside for your friends and family to use in this manner. This is going to make the funeral planning much easier on your family since they will know what money needs to go where. You can also visit a funeral home to determine what the options are, which takes it a step further in planning out everything so only the funeral director is involved in what happens during the service. 
  3. ​Put Together Important Documents: Have everything you discussed with the funeral home in writing to be kept safe with a trusted family member or your estate lawyer. You also want other documents kept safe with your estate lawyer, such as the title of your car, investment paperwork, property deeds, and life insurance documents. You can also scan all this paperwork on your computer so that you keep the physical copies yourself and send digital copies to your estate lawyer. 
  4. Discuss Little Details With Your Family: To ensure that not everything is left up to an estate lawyer and funeral director, you want to be sure that you discuss little details with your family. This can include such small details as music, flowers, the type of burial you prefer, and more. This way, all the little details are cleared away. 

Doing all of this can really give you peace of mind knowing that your family is taken care of and your wishes are going to be met. For more information, contact companies like DiPonzio Funeral Home Inc.