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Practical Sympathy Gifts For A Cremation Service

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Flowers are the most popular sympathy gift that people bring to cremation services. Funeral homes receive numerous floral arrangements every day for memorial services, and they are certainly a tradition that brings beauty and comfort to many. However, they aren't the only option you have to express your condolences in a tangible way. Consider these lesser-known but very practical sympathy gifts when going to a cremation service.

Practical Gift Basket

Bring a gift basket to the cremation service or let the bereaved know that you have the gift in your car or home to give them after the service.. Gift baskets can be as aesthetically pleasing as flowers. In fact, you may want to make a practical gift basket by filling it with things that the person may not want to get themselves when grief sets in. You may want to include nice shampoos, toiletries, scented candles, bubble bath, and DVDs or Blu-ray discs of films. Fill the basket with things you know the person loves.

People often bring hot food like casseroles to someone's house after a death in the immediate family, but gift baskets with delectable treats can be even more practical for some mourners. The baskets can be filled with the person's favorite snacks, sweets, and treats, and that's enough to bring some cheer to the person even in their time of deep mourning. You may also choose to make "meal baskets" full of things to make really quick, simple meals so the person doesn't have to stress over meal planning during this time.

Gift Certificates for Self-Care

When someone is in mourning, it can be hard to do simple, everyday things. Acknowledge that at the cremation service by giving the mourner a sympathy card that contains gift certificates. Treating oneself well often gets put on the back-burner. Providing gift certificates can empower the bereaved person to make the extra effort to prioritize self-care. You may offer gift certificates for massages, spa treatments, a day trip to hot springs, or manicures and pedicures.

Sometimes self-care comes down to simply making oneself feel better for the day, too. You may also want to include gift certificates to a local movie theater, amusement park, arcade, or museum. Choose a place with a fun atmosphere and an activity that's sure to get the person's mind off their grief for a bit. You may opt to pair gift certificates for dinner and a movie or lunch and a matinee play.

This one is very easy to include in the sympathy card itself, and you can easily give it to the person at the cremation service. Even if the person would not otherwise treat themselves to such extravagance during this sad time, it may be just the thing that they need to feel better for at least a little while.

Finally, if you want to send your loved one a different sort of gift to express your care and condolences at the cremation service, these gifts are sure to be welcomed with open arms and hearts. Not only do these sympathy presents show how much you care for the bereaved person, but they can also provide comfort for the weeks and months to come as the person goes through the stages of grief.