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What Are Your Cemetery Options For Cremated Remains?

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Both traditional burial and cremation come with unique benefits for the families of the deceased. If you are in the process of deciding what to do with the cremated remains of a loved one, it may help to draw inspiration from traditional burial. Just because you don't have a coffin doesn't mean that cemeteries aren't available to you. In fact, a cemetery can be an ideal spot for cremated remains.

Here are five options for the burial or storage of cremated remains in cemeteries. 


The scattering of ashes is typically the first thing that comes to mind when considering what to do with cremated remains. A cemetery is an appealing scattering location for many, as it provides a convenient, reverent, and well-maintained place to visit. It may also be comforting to scatter cremated remains in the same place where other deceased family members are buried. Some cemeteries even have a special area for scattering. In other cemeteries, you may need to obtain permission and special instructions. 

Individual Plot

Like a coffin, an urn can be buried in a cemetery plot. You can usually buy a plot specifically intended for urns; these plots are smaller and less expensive than a traditional plot. If you'd like, you can select a headstone or monument to mark the spot where the urn is buried. 

Family Plot

In many cemeteries, you can choose to bury an urn alongside the traditional graves of other family members. Since an urn takes up much less room than a coffin, you may be allowed to place multiple urns in one traditional plot. You will need to check on the specific rules of the cemetery housing your family plot. 

Above Ground Memorial

For some, the desire to be cremated comes from an aversion to the idea of being buried in the ground. In these cases, or for those who want to be able to physically see their loved one's urn, an above ground memorial can be a beautiful option. Similar to selecting a headstone, you can choose a monument that will contain the cremated remains of your loved one. These memorials are often grouped in a special section of the cemetery, commonly referred to as an urn garden. 


Many cemeteries have a building, or columbarium, that houses urns above the ground. If you want to be able to visit and see your loved one's urn in a protected environment removed from the elements, you can purchase a niche within a columbarium for permanent storage. 

Whatever method of storage or interment you choose, a cemetery can be a peaceful and lovely place to ponder and remember. Carefully consider the options provided by your chosen cemetery, and find the best memorial method for you, your family, and your loved one.

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